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baby breastfeeding pain

Tired of learning this on your own?

Let's partner to meet your breastfeeding goals with ease.​

Virtual and In Home
Lactation Consultations
Lower Westchester and Fairfield County

Accepted Insurance:

Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, Humana PPO, and

all Multiplan and PNOA plans including Aetna and United Healthcare PNOA.  

Check benefits through my Partnership with The Lactation Network.  

to the private practice of Amy Kesavan,
MS, RN, IBCLC Lactation Consultant

As an IBCLC (International Board of Lactation Consultant), I help new mothers establish and maintain the ability to feed their baby human milk. However, this process, while natural, is different with every child and for many women there are challenges which are difficult to figure out on your own without the assistance of a trained professional.

This is your personal experience between you and your baby, so you can’t compare it to anyone else. That is why each home visit will address your personal breastfeeding goals and help you to meet your individual expectations. The techniques you learn during your consultation will be personalized to the relationship between you and your infant. From providing insight into the biology behind the process to helping you be able to feed in various positions, your visit will result in the knowledge and understanding you need for a healthy and comfortable latch that benefits both mother and child.

Lactation consultant New York


"After having my first child, I thought something was wrong with me because he was not latching on. I met with Amy, she calmed me down. We made a game plan and everything has been much easier. Can not wait to work with Amy again once we have baby number 2."

-- Jessica P --

Diverse Clinical Experiences

​​* Nipple/Breast Pain
* Over Supply
* Low Supply
* Slow Weight Gain
* Clogged ducts
* Proper pumping
* Feeding Schedules
* Milk Production and Transfer

* Breast Refusal
* Insufficient Grandular Tissue
* Jaundice
* Masitis
* Nipple Confusion
* Engorgement
* Faulty_Latch
* Fussiness/Refux

* Premature
* Storage of Breastmilk
* Tongue-tie/Lip Tie
* Thrush
* Vasospasm
* Weaning
* Back-to-work
* Prenatal

What to expect
with your in
home visit

During your in-home visit, you receive a comprehensive consultation and feeding assessment in a private location where you and your baby can feel comfortable and relaxed. Each consultation will address the  some or all of the following key components of a healthy breastfeeding experience:

  • Mother and infant anatomy

  • Breast pain

  • Breast refusal

  • Milk production and transfer

  • Newborn suck reflex

  • Troubleshooting causes of pain during breastfeeding

  • Measuring pre- and post-feeding weight

  • Discussing weight gain and indicators that your baby is thriving on the milk supply that you are providing

  • Dealing with issues like clogged ducts or mastitis

  • Proper pumping

  • Feeding cues and scheduling feeding

  • Any questions that you have about feeding your baby

This is all so important because when there is less stress surrounding lactation, we are able to focus on growing and loving our family.

Lactation Consultant
Lactation Consultant


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